11 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, George make some shocking discoveries about his past, while Johnny vows revenge on Dean after returning to Walford, and Amy tries to support Denise.

Here’s a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. George makes a devastating discovery

george knight, eddie knight, eastenders

George arrives at his dad’s award ceremony and is stunned by Eddie’s apparent pride in him and the way he’s treated like a returning hero by his dad’s mates.

As the night goes on, George confides in Elaine that he might have misread Eddie’s behaviour and that maybe his dad did always love him.

That’s until Gerald – one of Eddie’s friends – accidentally lets slip to George that the jury is going to love him.

Confused, George presses him and Gerald explains that Eddie is facing trial for a racially motivated murder and needs George to be his character witness.

George is devastated to realise he’s being manipulated by Eddie.

2. Johnny is back

johnny carter, eastenders

Johnny is back in Walford (with a new face) and is horrified by the state of Linda.

He quizzes the family to find out why she’s got so bad, and Elaine reveals Dean is back.

Horrified, Johnny rushes to confront Dean and is spotted by Ben, who follows him into Beale’s Eels.

Ben has to drag Johnny away from Dean, and, with Callum they talk over a drink.

3. George searches for answers

george knight, eastenders

It’s the morning of Gina’s birthday, and a distracted George does his best to focus on his daughter.

Eddie and Gloria arrive, but George tells them he knows about the court case, and he wants them to leave.

Gloria is desperate and implores George to still help, but he dismisses them.

After a heart to heart with Gina, George talks about his childhood and tries to excuse Eddie’s words and deeds, which angers her.

Afterwards, George finds the courage to look up his father’s court case.

4. Nish shocks Kat with an offer

kat mitchell nish panesar eastenders

Nish wants to get closer to Kat, and Priya tells him that her kids are the route to her heart.

Kat and the kids arrive at Nish’s for dinner, and Bert and Ernie run riot.

Kat’s amused by how much this is winding Nish up but is soon stunned when Nish issues a shock invitation.

5. Johnny plans revenge on Dean

johnny carter, dean wicks, eastenders

Johnny punches Dean and warns him to leave Linda alone.

Johnny is determined to stop Linda from drinking by not letting her out of his sight, but it soon becomes too much for her.

After secretly boozing, Linda makes a show of herself by dropping Gina’s birthday cake in front of everyone in The Vic. Johnny, who has found out Gina dated Dean, lashes out at her for laughing.

Ben and Callum are concerned by Johnny’s angry behaviour, and Ben promises to help Johnny get rid of Dean but assures Callum it’ll all be legal and above board.

6. Amy and Jack worry about Denise

ricky mitchell, amy mitchell, eastenders

Amy worries that Jack and Denise are going to get divorced. She tries to get her dad to make a nice Valentine’s gesture by choosing a bracelet for him to give to Denise.

Amy and Ricky are rattled when Denise reacts strangely to the bracelet they were trying to hide from her, unaware she’s hallucinating and seeing the missing ‘D’ necklace instead.

Ricky wants to tell Jack about Denise’s behaviour, but Amy begs him to stay quiet or risk them splitting up for good.

7. George finally gets answers

eddie knight, george knight, eastenders

In a special episode, airing on February 14, Gloria and Eddie arrive at The Vic, where George insists on talking alone with his dad.

During a painful confrontation, George finally unlocks the truth about his childhood, Eddie’s racism and what is really going on.

Gloria also tries to explain herself to Elaine and begs her to help convince George to testify on Eddie’s behalf.

8. Johnny and Gina’s plan backfires

johnny carter, callum highway, ben mitchell, eastenders

Johnny decides to launch a civil case against Dean, until Callum tells him that Linda was recorded ‘confirming’ Dean didn’t rape her.

He and Gina decide to work together to get the recording from Dean and wipe it.

A sceptical Dean agrees to go out with Gina, but ends up rumbling their plan.

9. George lashes out at Denzel

george knight, elaine peacok, eastenders

George is in turmoil following the previous night’s revelations, and during a training session with Denzel, he goes too far.

Elaine is horrified to watch George lose it with Denzel and then be plunged into self-hatred at being just like Eddie.

Elaine reluctantly accompanies Gloria to see George at the Boxing Den, where Gloria implores George to give her five minutes to explain herself.

Against Elaine’s wishes, George agrees.

10. Linda’s behaviour causes alarm

linda carter, eastenders

Linda sees Johnny and Dean in the cafe and forces herself to go in, even though she’s horrified about the idea of being near the body.

During an argument between Dean and Johnny, a glass gets smashed, and Linda cuts her hand.

Johnny is confused when Linda goes completely ballistic, shocking everyone.

11. Amy seeks advice over Denise

jack branning, amy mitchell, eastenders

Jack surprises Denise with breakfast but rejects her suggestion of a Valentine’s night together, because he secretly wants to be with Stacey.

Amy is worried about Denise’s behaviour and goes with her to work, where she continues to act out of character.

Once again, Ricky says they should tell Jack, but Amy says no. Instead, she asks Stacey for advice about having bipolar, feigning it’s for a school project.

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