BBC EastEnders baby twist ‘rumbled’ for Stacey Slater and Jack Branning as affair heats up

EastEnders' Stacey and Jack

EastEnders could be lining up a new pregnancy twist for Stacey Slater on the BBC soap, amid her fling with Jack Branning.

According to fans, a baby twist is on the way after things got steamy between the not-so-secret lovers. A handful of characters know about Stacey sleeping with Denise Fox’s husband at Christmas, including The Six. But what they are yet to discover is the affair has continued, with Jack and Stacey getting pretty steamy in recent scenes. It’s clear they’re not ready to cool things despite Jack and Denise’s marriage being on the rocks.

Viewers are convinced a huge bombshell is on the way though that could tear both families apart. Jack’s children Amy and Ricky are both keen for their dad and stepmother Denise to make things work amid their issues. But with things heating up between him and Stacey, fans believe Stacey will fall pregnant in a new baby twist – barely a year on from Stacey’s daughter Lily having a baby with Jack’s son Ricky. Taking to X, viewers theorised that a baby twist would rock the two families once more.

EastEnders spoilers: Jack abandons broken Denise for sex with Stacey |  Soaps | Metro News

One viewer said: “Stacey will end up pregnant or have a pregnancy scare,” as another said: “Stacey pregnant . That’s the next story. You know it! Lol.” A third added: “watch Stacey get pregnant next,” while a fourth tweeted: “Guys what if Stacey gets pregnant Jack?”

It comes as Denise continues to fall apart, as she, Stacey and the other members of The Six continue to conceal the Christmas Day murder of Keanu Taylor. Their involvement in his demise and the burying of his body under the café floor has left them all struggling.

Denise has sparked serious concern for her mental health as she continues to act out and is having nightmares, while her loved ones do not realise she is also experiencing hallucinations of Keanu. Viewers are fearing an exit could be on the way for the character as she continues to fall apart – having already been threatened by the other women, and told that unless she sorts herself out she could find herself framed.

Twisted Nish Panesar (Navan Chowdhry) is to set his sights on Kat Slater’s (Jessie Wallace) kids in EastEnders next week in a bid to cement their relationship.

Viewers of the BBC soap have seen Nish grow closer to Kat in recent weeks following the breakdown of her marriage to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

EastEnders aired confirmation of an affair in the latest episode of the BBC soap, ahead of a shock death.

Stacey Slater and Jack Branning gave into passion in steamy scenes, after weeks of them growing close. After the pair kept clashing, fans were convinced there was also some flirting going on.

Amid Jack’s marriage woes with partner Denise Fox, with them unsure their romance can last, Jack once again sought comfort in Stacey. Stacey had been in a state amid Jack trying to help her track down her missing friend Eve Unwin.

With Stacey also concerned her stalker Theo Hawthorne was back, Jack supported her. Later on after Jack and Denise fell out, with Denise fleeing to Patrick’s, Stacey headed indoors with him to cheer him up.

After a night of pizza and red wine, which Jack had actually bought for wife Denise, the pair decided to call it a night. But just as Stacey went to leave, the pair gave into passion.

Stacey realised where it was leading and decided to go home, only for Jack to follow her and ask her to stay. It’s then that he placed his hand around her waist, resulting in Stacey turning around and kissing Jack.

The episode ended just as the pair continued to kiss in the hallway, with fans not exactly surprised by the twist. Many actually quite liked them together, despite Stacey’s history with Branning men including Jack’s brother Max and Max’s late son Bradley.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, viewers shared their thoughts on the twist with one writing: “Stacey and Jack are much more suited than Jack and Denise, I’ve never thought Jack and Denise were well matched.” Another added: “Must just be me who likes Jack and Stacey together.

A third viewer said: “I’m so here for Stacey & Jack. No more being skint stacey !!! GET THE BAG,” while a fourth fan commented: “Stacey and Jack have had more sexual tension in one day than Denise and Jack have since they’ve been married.” But not everyone was keen with one writing: “Oh give it a rest, why are they forcing Stacey and Jack on us?

Kat learnt that Phil had been unfaithful with Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) and packed her bags, taking sons Tommy, Bert and Ernie with her and vowing to rinse him of his money and businesses.

Seeing that the family had been torn apart, Nish offered her and the boys one of his many properties rent free, leaving many fans to believe he had an ulterior motive.

Since then, Kat has fallen head over heels for his advances and straight into his bed, despite her family’s better judgement.

This week’s episodes will see Nish’s further attempts to woo his new girlfriend after a string of expensive dinners, buying her a new coat that isn’t to her usual flamboyant taste.

Kat is horrified by a coat as Nish stands over her in EastEndersWhen Tommy (Sonny Kendall) decides he’d rather live with step-dad Phil next week, Priya Nandra-Hart (Sophie Khan Levy) advises Nish that the key to Kat’s heart is through her children.

Nish has so far had a fractured relationship with his own family, recently kidnapping and trying to kill Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) after learning of her affair with his wife Suki (Balvinder Sopal) and later attacking son Ravi (Aaron Thiara) with a rolling pin when he defended his step-mum in an altercation.

Tommy, Bert and Ernie talk to Phil on the market in EastEndersWanting to appear as the perfect family man that Kat craves, Nish invites her and the kids around to his house for dinner – much to his distain when Bert and Ernie start running riot round his house.

Noticing how much the boys are winding him up, Kat is shocked when Nish offers a surprising invitation.

Will Kat realise she’s being used before she falls further into Nish’s web of lies?

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