BBC EastEnders fans predict The Six will kill again as Keanu Taylor’s disappearance investigated

EastEnders fans have worked out Karen Taylor will be killed off in a dark murder twist.BBC soap lovers have predicted Karen, played by Lorraine Stanley, won’t last much longer in Walford after returning to demand answers about her son Keanu Taylor’s disappearance. EastEnders will know The Six – Stacey Slater, Denise Fox, Suki Panesar, Linda Carter, Sharon Watts and Kathy Beale – covered up Keanu’s death and buried his body in Kathy’s abandoned café after Linda stabbed in to stop him from strangling Sharon.

The Six, so far, have convinced Walford that Keanu went on the run after attacking Nish Panesar, but Karen’s return threatened to expose all of the lies. Karen was forced to leave the square when Keanu blamed her for the fake kidnapping of his son Albie that he had orchestrated in a bid to keep Sharon from leaving.

Keanu’s role in the kidnapping was exposed at Christmas which ultimately led to the confrontation in The Vic and his death. Karen, who left the Square in December, recently returned and it seems as if she isn’t buying The Six’s recollection.

EastEnders' Karen Taylor, played by Lorraine Stanley

EastEnders fans reckon Karen could be killed by The Six 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In recent scenes, available on BBC iPlayer due to football coverage, Kathy decided to call the police to report Karen for Albie’s staged kidnapping, in a bid to keep her from discovering the truth about Keanu’s disappearance. However, Karen’s daughter Bernie overheard and stopped Kathy’s plan.

Later, Kathy found another way to get rid of Karen and stop her investigating Keanu’s disappearance. She told Stacey her plan to threaten to report Karen for the kidnapping if she didn’t leave Walford for good.

Kathy had also learned that Phil Mitchell had been demanding Albie’s ransom money – £50,000 – that Karen had taken with her when she fled Walford last year. After Phil reclaimed the Arches, Kathy told Karen that her debt to Phil was settled through her son’s business.

However, Kathy didn’t realise Karen overheard her discussing the plan with Stacey leading fans to fear for Karen’s safety. Could she be risking her life by arguing with Kathy and will The Six strike again to save themselves?

Sharing on X, previously known as Twitter, one wrote: “I think they might kill off Karen.” Another tweeted: “Karen should not have heard that conversation between Kathy and Stacey.”

“Will she [Karen] still be alive?” A third asked while a fourth noted: “Uh oh, Karen over heard that.” Others questioned if Karen would survive or if The Six would try to get her arrested for kidnapping. One said: “How is Karen just gonna go off quietly now, she is leaving again isn’t she? Maybe they do get her arrested.”

The Six are facing more trouble as Karen Taylor has returned to investigate the fate of Keanu Taylor in EastEnders.

Over the last few weeks, the group (minus an absent Sharon Watts) have been struggling to stay one step ahead of the police’s investigation into Keanu’s death on Christmas Day.

The Six hid Keanu’s body under the floorboards of the café, though they inadvertently risked being discovered after Suki was forced to sign over her business to Nish to keep him quiet.

Nish has moved ahead with plans to re-open the cafe after it was burned down by Rocky last year, causing Denise Fox to continue to unravel.

diane parish as denise in eastenders

However, there was trouble on opening day as Nish discovered the floor would need to be completely redone due to a leak.

Kathy and Stacey overheard Nish complaining to Kat about the repair, causing them to call Denise and Linda to another secret meeting at No. 31.

Kathy encouraged the group to “think logically” about how they may be able to stall Nish, though Denise was sure she would be going down since her ‘D’ necklace was buried with Keanu.

“You lot, you better not throw me to the wolves,” Denise warned.

Linda was having her own crisis, breaking down as she reminded the others that Keanu’s family could soon learn that they’d lost him for good.

“I killed a man — Keanu,” Linda declared.

kellie bright as linda in eastenders

Stacey stressed that The Six’s only option was to “stick to the story” they’d told police. She encouraged Linda to stay strong because they needed to “see this through” as a group.

Luckily for the women, Keanu’s sister Bernie proved to be an unlikely ally as she found a plumber who could easily fix the café’s issues without tearing up the floor.

Kathy would eventually deliver the news to the other members of the Six that there was no longer an immediate risk of Keanu’s body being discovered.

Just as Denise announced that she was going to hand herself in, Suki explained: “They’re not digging up the floor, Denise… The café is opening as planned and we’re all going.”

balvinder sopal as suki in eastenders

The café opening would turn out to be a disaster anyway, as Nish angrily turned on Bernie when her phone accidentally played a potentially damning voice note from Keanu.

The residents of Albert Square heard Keanu ranting about Sharon “screwing with [his] head” from before the events of Christmas Day.

Nish tried to swipe Bernie’s phone, ordering her to tell him where her brother fled. Bernie tried to explain that she had no idea where Keanu had gone, as the message was old.

Nish and Phil soon got into an argument over Keanu’s disappearance, only for Karen Taylor to make her surprise return to interrupt them.

bernadette taylor phil mitchell karen taylor eastenders

Karen delivered the shocking news to the entire Square that Keanu never showed up for their planned getaway, as Linda looked on in horror.

“I need to know, where is my son?” Karen demanded.

Will Karen uncover the truth?

Five actors have already come and gone from the BBC One program after giving life to the troublemaker.

In 2019, Max Bowden reprised the role from Harry Reid as the Arches mechanic became involved in more drama, from his explosive wedding to Callum Highway (Tony Clay) to his hard-hitting rape storyline in 2022.

But after five years in Walford, the soap star is taking a leave and his last scenes are due to be aired in upcoming weeks.

Max’s final storyline as Ben Mitchell begins with Johnny Carter’s long-awaited return to Albert Square as actor Charlie Suff makes his debut next week.

Regular viewers of the long-running program will remember that the son of Mick and Linda Carter was last seen in the fictional London borough of Walford in January, 2018, before he left for Manchester for the benefit of his legal career.

But during his time away, his mother Linda (played by Kellie Bright) was left to struggle as she is the only member of her large family in the fictional London borough following the departures of all her children, her mother-in-law Shirley and the disappearance of her beloved husband Mick Carter.

To make matters worse, Linda has recently had to face the comeback of her rapist, Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo).

And after facing adversity, her son Johnny finally takes matters into his own hands.

Upon his arrival next week, Johnny helps a drunk Linda up and is horrified by the state of her.

Back at The Vic, he quizzes the family to find out why she’s got so bad, and Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) reveals Dean is back.

Johnny rushes to confront Dean and is spotted by Ben Mitchell, who follows him into Beale’s Eels.

Ben has to drag Johnny away from Dean, and, with Callum Highway they talk over a drink.

Later, at closing time, Johnny punches Dean and warns him to leave Linda alone.

In other scenes, Johnny is determined to stop Linda from drinking by not letting her out of his sight, but it soon becomes too much for her.

After secretly boozing, Linda makes a show of herself by dropping Gina Knight’s (Francesca Henry) birthday cake in front of everyone in The Vic.

Johnny, who has found out Gina dated Dean, lashes out at her for laughing.

Ben and Callum are concerned by Johnny’s angry behaviour, and the former promises to help Johnny get rid of Dean.

While underhanded tactics may be expected, Ben assures his husband Callum it’ll all be legal and above board – will he keep his word?

Ben is no stranger to causing trouble and is even capable of murder, as he proved when he bludgeoned fan favourite Heather Trott to death with a photo frame.

Could his murderous streak make a return for Dean Wicks?

Recent reports revealed that Max Bowden’s contract had not been renewed after soap bosses had disciplined him for his alleged behaviour on set.

A source said: “Max was called in for a chat by executives. He is an extremely talented actor and was always a real pro on set. However, there were concerns that his partying lifestyle away from the set could start to prove a distraction.”

Meanwhile, another source told the Sun that the actor was simply “ready to move on.”

“Max is ready to move on. He is proud of his time on the show and what he has achieved but he is focused on new projects and what he is doing next.”

In December, 2023, Max escaped unhurt from a three-car collision in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey.

The 29-year-old was then pictured looking shocked as he emerged from his wrecked Mercedes CLA.

His motor, which did not have an up-to-date MOT, was left with its front bumper hanging off.

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