BBC EastEnders newcomer Tessa’s true identity ‘sealed’ as fans ‘rumble’ link to Panesars

EastEnders viewers are certain they’ve uncovered the mystery behind Tessa, Eve’s new love interest, in a stunning twist that entangles former lover Suki and her husband, Nish

BBC EastEnders viewers have “unraveled” the true identity of Eve’s unexpected romantic interest in a dramatic plot twist.

Wednesday’s episode (November 15) viewers saw newcomer Tessa extend an invitation to Eve for a date following an impromptu encounter at the local kebab shop. Initially, Eve declined the offer, but Tessa, undeterred, left her phone number in hopes of sparking a future romance.

With a nudge from Martin, Eve eventually decided to rendezvous with Tessa. However, their plans took an unexpected turn when they spotted Suki, Nish, and their family entering the same restaurant chosen for their date, leaving Eve uneasy.


BBC EastEnders viewers have “unraveled” the true identity of Tess in a dramatic plot twist

Teasers for the remainder of this upcoming week on the BBC soap have revealed a significant decision on the horizon for Suki. After witnessing Priya and Nish sharing a kiss, Suki grapples with her emotions upon seeing Eve and Tessa happily together. She then urges Nish to give Priya another chance, secretly relieved at the prospect of less alone time with Nish.

Eve agrees to a date with Tessa (Image: BBC)
In a private moment with Vinny, Suki confides her unhappiness in her marriage and her disdain for Nish. Vinny, understanding her predicament, tells Suki that he won’t obstruct her path if she chooses to be with Eve.

Privately, Suki approaches Eve and discloses Vinny’s blessing for their union. Nonetheless, Eve, content with Tessa, firmly rejects the idea of returning to a hidden relationship. This prompts Suki to make a life-altering decision – she wishes to leave Nish and be with Eve.


Suki and Eve could reignite their flame (

But some fans believe that Tessa may not be quite who she says she is. Fan chatter has suggested she could be collaborating with Nish to uncover Suki and Eve’s romance by pushing them together.

Navin Chowdry, the actor portraying Nish, hinted at the impending turmoil. He shared with The Mirror: “When Nish finds out, I think it’s going to be absolutely nuclear. “It’s going to be awful on so many levels. In his own head, he feels betrayed, cheated, and lied to and humiliated. A narcissist like Nish can’t cope with that kind of stuff happening to him. I think, expect some big things if or when he comes out.”


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