BBC EastEnders spoilers for next week: Murder twist and huge character return

EastEnders' Linda Carter, Eddie Knight and George Knight

EastEnders will air some huge scenes next week as a murder twist is revealed whilst Linda Carter is stunned by a huge return to Walford

EastEnders will air some dramatic scenes next week – as a murder twist comes to light.

Next week, there are some big scenes on the BBC soap as the focus turns to George Knight and his parents Eddie and Gloria Knight and what they’ve been hiding from him in a harrowing twist. Linda Carter is still struggling following Keanu’s mum Karen Taylor’s recent visit, and is continuing to turn to alcohol to help her, but the arrival of a familiar face leaves her shocked.

Elsewhere, Amy continues to worry about Jack and Denise and when she organises for her dad to give her a special gift for Valentine’s Day, there is clearly something up with Denise – will her secret finally be exposed?

George Knight on EastEnders

George makes a big discovery 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Murder twist

In shocking scenes next week, George heads to his parents where he learns the truth about what his father Eddie has been hiding. He heads to the house, where he receives a hero’s welcome from Eddie’s friends.

However, it’s later revealed accidentally that Eddie needs George to provide him with a character witness as he’s up for a racially motivated murder, leaving George absolutely horrified. Gloria is desperate for George to help Eddie but he dismisses them and heads out for lunch with his daughter Gina for her birthday, where he tries to defend his dad.

Later on at home, he has the courage to look up the court case and rings Eddie, demanding that they need to talk.

Johnny Carter and Dean Wicks

Johnny and Dean face off 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Shock return

Elsewhere, Linda is left stunned by the arrival of a very familiar face, as her son Johnny Carter arrives in Walford. He’s adamant he needs to help her, and says he will stay to support her as he asks how things got so bad. Elaine then explains how Dean Wicks is back, and Johnny rushes to confront his mum’s rapist, with Ben stepping in to stop it going too far.

Johnny won’t let Linda out of his sight, but she struggles with this and secretly drinks. She ends up dropping Gina’s cake, which leads to Gina laughing at her. Johnny – knowing Gina dated Dean – lashes out at her for laughing, leaving Ben and Callum concerned. Benpromises to help Johnny get rid of Dean, but promises Callum it’ll be all above board.He decides what the best thing to do is to launch a civil case against Dean until Callum tells him about the ‘confession’ Linda made. Johnny and Gina decide to work together to get the recording from Dean and wipe it. As Dean and Johnny argue, a glass gets smashed and Linda cuts her hand. She goes ballistic, shocking everyone, and Johnny doesn’t know what to do.

In EastEnders, Johnny Carter’s comeback tells a story of payback and second chances. Played by Charlie Suff, Johnny’s return to Walford throws him into a whirlwind of family and personal drama.

Everyone is surprised by Johnny’s entrance because, being Linda Carter’s son, he must cope with the fallout from his mother’s relapse into alcoholism. Johnny is committed to learning the truth about Linda, and he’s concentrating on Dean Wicks, the man at the root of all her issues.

Fueled by a mix of sadness and anger, Suff’s character is on a mission to make things right. This leads him straight to a showdown with Dean, although it’s a mess that could ruin everything for the Carter family. The big showdown will likely decide Johnny’s fate and shake up Walford.In the upcoming episodes of EastEnders, Johnny Carter intends to get back at Dean Wicks. Johnny has returned to Walford and is surprised to see his mom, Linda, struggling with her drinking problem again. Linda’s addiction issues push Johnny to the brink of despair.Johnny (L) and Dean (R) on EastEnders (Image via Instagram/@charliesuff and @mattdiangelo)However, when he eventually finds out that Gina used to date Dean, it pisses him off completely. Johnny teams up with Gina to try and get rid of evidence against Linda so they can take down Dean. But their plan is upended when Dean figures out what they’re up to.Things start to spiral out of hand, and a huge argument breaks out in the Carter family, revealing all their issues. Charlie Suff brings out the inner conflict and determination of Johnny, especially with everything going on with Linda.n EastEnders, Dean Wicks has a daughter named Jade Green with Shabnam Masood. Following a one-night stand back in 2008, Shabnam got pregnant, but she decided to leave Walford soon after. She gives birth to a baby girl and names her Roya. Later on, in 2014, Shabnam returned to the show.

This revelation prompts Dean to discover the truth about their baby. Despite Shabnam’s insistence that the baby is dead, Dean begins to harbor doubts. So, Roya is alive and goes by the name Jade Green now.

This news greatly impacts Dean and Shabnam and their relationship changes. When Jade Green appeared in 2015, she brought with her a new level of drama. Dean then began to navigate being a father, while dealing with his complicated past.

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