EastEnders Comings and Goings: A Character Is Rising From The DEAD

It has been well over a decade since we saw the much loved Bradley Branning on EastEnders. Actor Charlie Clements debut as Bradley on the BBC One soap back in 2006 and was very well received by the fans. His love story and marriage with Stacey Slater was one of the most loved pairings of the soap. However, the couple hit a snag when Bradley found out about her affair with his father Max in a jaw dropping Christmas special episode.

Although later, Stacey and Bradley managed to work out their differences on EastEnders. But their reconciliation was short lived. In a dramatic twist they again fell apart when Stacey admitted that Archie Mitchell raped her. Moreover, she even became pregnant as result of the ordeal. Shortly after, in 2010, during a thrilling but devastating chase sequence Bradley fell to his death. The police was chasing him at The Vic when the accident happened. It is still remembered as one of the most emotional death scenes on EastEnders.

EE/ Bradley dies

However now, thanks to an AI generated speculative twist, the doors for Bradley’s return have flung open. Daily Star asked Bard the AI if Bradley Brannings could ever return to EastEnders. Much to everyone’s surprise, Bard responded that even though the character died in 2010, he could still very much return as part of long-lost twin story. Furthermore, Bard declared that it was rather common for characters to return from the dead on Soaps.

EastEnders: An Unexpected Twist Awaits!

In fact, the AI tool even pointed that long-lost twin storylines are a rather popular trope on soaps. And can work very well in Bradley Branning’s story angle on EastEnders. Adding some major shock value to the BBC One soap. It would make for a rather explosive twist if Charlie Clements arrived in Walford as Bradley’s twin brother no one ever mentioned before. For starters, Stacey Slater will be shook to the core to see “Bradley” standing in front of her in the flesh. Meanwhile, reactions from all the other friends and relatives will be quite priceless too!

EE/ Stacey and Bradley

We have to admit that the more we think about it, the more exciting this story seems. What do you think? Would you like to see Charlie Clements return to the screen as a Bradley look-alike?

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