EastEnders Comings And Goings: “Fatboy” Catches Viewer Off Guard With Shocking Return

EastEnders has taken an affinity of springing jaw-dropping surprises at its viewers! The BBC One soap’s fandom is still reeling in the shock of Cindy’s unexpected revival and return. Without even letting the fans recover, the makers have unleashed another comeback at them, that too, of a much loved and missed character! Those who tuned into the August 29, 2023, episode were pleasantly surprised when Arthur Chubb a.k.a. Fatboy appeared on their TV screens!

This little visual treat came wrapped in a flashback sequence that revealed the actual reason why Cindy/Rose left her husband, George Knight. In this 2014 throwback scene, Cindy in her Rose persona bumped into Fatboy. Although we would like to point that this flashback was created to fit the narrative and add weight to Cindy’s return story. And was not actually telecasted back in 2014. Thus, Ricky Norwood recently shot for this flashback sequence.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, Ricky expressed his delight at reprising his former character once again for EastEnders. “I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by Chris Clenshaw to reprise the role,” he enthused. Furthermore, he reflected that stepping back into Albert Square felt like coming home. He also gushed about how lovely it was meeting all his former co-stars once again. Speaking about shooting with the iconic Michelle Collins, he called it a “surreal” experience. ” I’m so delighted I got the call to be a part of Cindy’s big return,” he poined.

Could Fatboy Rise Back From The Dead On EastEnders?

Long time viewers would remember that the last time we saw Fatboy on screen was back in 2015. Ronnie Mitchell’s henchmen mistakenly kidnapped him on EastEnders. Unfortunately, he remained locked in the boot of the car while it plummeted in a car crusher. Thus, meeting a grisly end on the BBC One soap. However, fans have often wondered if he really did die in the gruesome manner that was indicated. Or perhaps somehow managed to get out of the car and ran away.

Interestingly, during Dot Branning’s funeral on EastEnders, a scene had sort of flirted with the idea of Fatboy being alive. When Reiss was going through the cards after the funeral, he saw one marked as “Mrs. B”. A nickname Fatboy often used for her. And now, with his flashback return, we wonder if the makers are once again testing waters for an eventual revival of his character. They did bring Cindy back from the dead, didn’t they? Would you be interested in having Fatboy back in the fold for good?

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