EastEnders: Phil & Kat’s Wedding Falls Apart, Reunion With Alfie On The Cards

EastEnders: Kat really stunned viewers and fellow Walford residents with her sudden decision of a rushed up wedding with Phil Mitchell. This came in quick succession of Alfie’s heartbreaking prostate cancer diagnosis, as well as Phil’s cheating. Of which Kat is unaware of at this point. Currently, she is really excited and zooming towards tying the knot with Phil. But with two majorly devastating incidents hanging over their heads, will the wedding even happen? Keep reading to find out!

Phil Cheats On Kat With EMMA HARDING

Recently, on EastEnders, Alfie opened up to Phil that he is facing a cancer scare. However, Phil refrains from getting Kat on board on Alfie’s health crisis. But that’s not all, he even leaves his lover out of the loop on how he and Alfie were trying to deal with Tommy and his outbursts. Hence, when she does find out she tears into Phil for keeping information from her. The argument gets out of hand and she completely freezes him out. Although Sharon steps in and talks sense into the couple. However, unknown to Kat, Phil lets passion takeover him as he swoons over Emma Harding.


Meanwhile, Kat takes Sharon’s advice and decides to fix her relationship with Phil on EastEnders. She even jumps on an opening at the registry office and books it for her and Phil’s wedding. Totally blind-sided by what transpired between Phil and Emma at Peggy’s. However, in the upcoming episodes, Keanu will catch wind of the incident and plan to use it against Phil. The latter will certainly feel guilty about what he did behind Kat’s back. But will he get guilty enough to actually confess to Kat? Or would Keanu do the needful?

Kat Walks Out On Phil, Leans On Alfie On EastEnders

The latest EastEnders spoilers tease that Alfie will find out about Phil’s betrayal from Keanu. He will confront Phil over it but refrain from telling Kat. Later, Keanu will start threatening Phil with secret. In hopes of countering Keanu, the tough man will lie to him claiming to have already told Kat and winning a pardon in return. But will the ruse work on Keanu? Some spoilers hint that it won’t matter because it will actually be Alfie who barges into the wedding and tell Kat the truth.

Once Kat learns the truth about Phil’s cheating, it is highly unlikely that she will marry Phil on EastEnders. Later on, Alfie might also open up to her about being diagnosed with prostate cancer and the surgery and treatment he needs. Both ex-lovers will have a difficult path ahead of them and chances are that they will lean on each other for support. Thus, opening the doorway for a Alifie-Kat reunion. Which, of course, is something many fans are waiting for! What about you? Are you on board with this reunion?

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