EastEnders spoilers: Another horrific murder twist rocks the Queen Vic

The Queen Vic has witnessed countless murders and confessions over the years, with the most recent being that of Keanu Taylor during the Christmas Day 2023 episode of EastEnders.

EastEnders spoilers: Another murder twist rocks the Queen Vic | Soaps |  Metro News

However, it is set to be rocked by another huge murder twist in upcoming scenes as George Knight (Colin Salmon) learns a horrific truth.

Recently, George was surprised by the sudden appearance of his parents, Gloria and Eddie Knight (Elizabeth Counsell and Christopher Fairbank), who soon dropped a huge bombshell on him.

George was rocked by the shocking revelation that they had lied to him about his adoption and his heritage, but was ultimately relieved that everything was out in the open – or so he thought

As Gloria and Eddie left, it became clear that they were still hiding a big secret, the extent of which is set to be revealed in upcoming episodes.

The cafe’s new name is revealed in EastEndersWith Eddie set to receive an award for championing diversity in boxing, George nervously prepares for the visit home.

However, when he, Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) and his girls, Gina and Anna Knight (Francesca Henry and Molly Rainford), arrive, he is stunned by Eddie’s pride in him, and the way Eddie’s friends treat him like a returning hero.

George is further shocked when Eddie makes a heartfelt speech about him, and confesses to Elaine that perhaps he had misjudged his father – until a shocking truth brings George’s world crashing down.

Eddie makes a speech in front of George, Gloria and his friends in EastEnders
George is stunned by Eddie’s heartfelt speech (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

As the party winds down, Eddie’s friend Gerald accidentally lets slip to George that the jury is going to love him, leaving the pub landlord totally confused.

George presses Gerald for answers, and is horrified to learn that Eddie needs his son to stand as a character witness as Eddie faces trial for a racially motivated murder.

As George realises that he has been manipulated by Eddie, he is left completely devastated.

Eddie and George sit opposite each other at a table in the Queen Vic in EastEnders
George demands the truth from Eddie (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
Elaine and Gloria stood either side of the kitchen table in the Queen Vic in EastEnders
Gloria tries to get through to Elaine (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

The next day, George tries to focus on Gina as she celebrates her birthday, but disgusted by Eddie and Gloria’s arrival, and wastes no time in telling them that he knows about the court case.

After ignoring Gloria’s pleas to help his father and demanding that they leave, George and the rest of the family head out to dinner for Gina’s birthday, where she is angered by his attempts to excuse Eddie’s words and deeds during a heart to heart about his childhood.

Following their conversation, George finds the courage to research his father’s court case, and is soon on the phone to Eddie demanding that they talk.

When Gloria and Eddie arrive at the Vic, George demands to speak to his father alone.

A painful confrontation ensues, and George finally discovers the full truth about his childhood, Eddie’s racism and what really happened.

Meanwhile, Gloria tries her best to get through to Elaine, begging her to convince George to testify for Eddie.

The next day, Elaine and Gloria track George down to The Boxing Den, where he remains in turmoil.

Elaine is left frustrated when George agrees to hear Gloria out against her wishes, but will he agree with what she has to say?

EastEnders’ Johnny Carter has a new actor playing him on the BBC soap, but how old is Linda Carter’s son meant to be?

Viewers were a little confused when Johnny returned to Walford last week, with new actor Charlie Suff taking over from two previous cast members. It’s been a while since Mick Carter’s son was last on the Square, but fans couldn’t help notice a huge change in his personality, as well as his looks.

Another thing fans were questioning was how old Johnny was, as well as the age of the actor playing him with many convinced he seem

How old is Johnny Carter, and how old are his siblings?

It’s believed that Johnny was born September 1994. This makes him 29 years old currently, with him set to turn 30 years of age later this year.

Some viewers were sure Johnny was younger than he is, explaining their confusion over how much older he looks compared to the previous actors. That said, Johnny has been away from Walford since 2018, and a lot can change in six years.

While actor Charlie does look older than the previous star in the role, it has been six years since we saw the previous Johnny, and he is meant to be 29. Johnny has always seemed younger than his older siblings Lee and Nancy, but he’s actually closer to their ages than you may think.

His older brother Lee Carter is 31 years old, turning 32 in November, while Nancy is 30, and will turn 31 in October. Eldest sister Frankie will turn 34 in April, while his younger brother Ollie is nine in May, while youngest sibling Annie is three in September.

Who plays Johnny in EastEnders, and who previously played him?

Johnny is now played by actor Charlie Suff. It’s not known how old actor Charlie is. The role was previously taken on by Sam Strike from 2013 to 2014 and Ted Reilly from 2016 to 2018 but now Charlie is stepping into Johnny’s shoes.

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, Charlie revealed: “Johnny is back in Walford because he has caught wind from his Gran that things aren’t going too well for Linda. There’s a lot of worry about his mum, and the family needs Johnny back home to steer the ship and get things back on track. There is a lot going on! He is absolutely devastated.”

Charlie Suff has previously starred in the likes of Grantchester and Grace, two ITV dramas, whilst he has also had parts in two short films called The Other Soul to Evie and Never Has A Man.

Callum Highway (Tony Clay) is to add fuel to Johnny Carter’s (Charlie Suff) fire in EastEnders next week when he reveals that Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) blackmailed his mum Linda (Kellie Bright) into making a false confession that cleared his name of sexual assault.

Viewers will remember back to November when Dean fell down the Queen Vic staircase after an altercation with George Knight (Colin Salmon) and threatened to report him to the police if Linda didn’t make a false statement saying that he didn’t rape her ten years ago.

The incident has haunted Linda for the last decade, and in recent months has forced her to hit the bottle, but in order to protect George and his family she decided to go ahead with evil Dean’s plot and headed to Beale’s Eels where she made the confession.

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