HOT EastEnders is on tonight at 7.30pm due to schedule change

The BBC soap is on for half an hour tonight

EastEnders' Linda, Kat

The BBC soap EastEnders is not usually on screen on a Friday but tonight (Friday, February 9), the soap will air its final episode of the week.

This is due to a schedule change taking place this week, meaning that the soap couldn’t air on Tuesday (February 6).

With EastEnders airing tonight instead, here’s what you can expect from the latest episode.

Linda continues to struggle (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders airs tonight in a schedule shakeup

EastEnders usually airs four episodes a week for half an hour on Monday-Thursday evenings.

However, this Tuesday, the soap was unable to air due to Match of the Day Live being on its place.

This match saw Plymouth Argyle take on Leeds United, with a kick off time of 7.45pm.

As EastEnders airs at 7.30pm, the soap missed its usual episode on Tuesday. Now, the soap will air its final episode of the week tonight instead.

This episode will air at 7.30pm-8.00pm, although it has been available on BBC iPlayer since yesterday (Thursday, February 8).

Kat isn’t happy with Tommy’s decision (Credit: BBC)

What to expect from EastEnders tonight

In tonight’s episode of EastEnders, Linda tells Elaine that she’s stopped drinking but Lauren then sees her hiding a bag of alcohol from the Minute Mart.

Lauren then takes Annie away from Linda for a while as she tries to hide her wine from Kathy. However, the pair soon start arguing with each other.

Ben tries to break the two women up as Kathy and Lauren tell Linda to sober up. Linda doesn’t appreciate this advice though and heads to The Albert.

Elsewhere, Kat has a bad day when she starts rowing with Priya. When she finds out that Tommy’s moved in with Phil, Kat’s livid. But, can she and Phil get back on good terms?

Also, there are arguments all round as Cindy confides in Peter and Ian after rowing with George. Will she ever be able to build bridges with her ex?

Kat Mitchell (Jessie Wallace) ended her marriage to Phil (Steve McFadden) in tonight’s EastEnders (8th February 2024), thanks to a reminder of his history with Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

As the BBC soap continued, Kat and her new beau Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) emerged from his bedroom to taunts from an amused Priya Nandra-Hart (Sophie Khan Levy).

When Kat pulled Priya up on her moaning about working at the Minute Mart, she was reprimanded by Nish. He then gifted Kat a designer coat which was not to her taste, and she deliberately left it behind after the way he spoke to her.

Nish followed Kat outside and asked her to wear the coat, which she agreed to. But watching nearby were a wary Stacey (Lacey Turner) and Jean Slater (Gillian Wright), with Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) and Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton).

No nonsense Jean accosted Kat and told her the new coat was awful, adding that she was making a mistake giving up on her marriage to Phil.

Taking Jean’s advice on board, Kat visited Phil and asked for a chat after work. When Nish arrived at the cab office, Kat explained that they had only been a bit of fun, and she was ready to try again with Phil.

Steve McFadden as a concerned Phil Mitchell in a leather jacket and blue shirt faces Jessie Wallace as Kat Mitchell in a leopard jaguar-print coat in EastEnders.
Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) failed to save his marriage to Kat.

Nish was unhappy, with the cogs turning as Priya later reminded him that he had given Kat a rent-free flat. “Not any more,” he replied in a cold tone.

Meanwhile, Kat spent time with Phil as he played football with her son Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall).

The reconciliation seemed to be going well as Kat conceded that she and Phil made a good team, and Phil vowed never to be unfaithful again.

But Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) issued Kat with repeated warnings about Phil and Sharon, which led Kat to declare she would not be second best.

“It’s done. We’re over!” Kat told Phil before walking away in tears. Where does this leave her now?

Karen Taylor has once again left Albert Square following a dramatic showdown in EastEnders.

The soap is currently experiencing schedule changes where episodes are available to stream a day before they air on BBC One in primetime.

Karen turned up in Walford once again earlier this week determined to find out what happened to her son Keanu on Christmas Day. She subsequently overheard Kathy and Stacey discussing how they’d arranged for Phil to take control of The Arches from Sharon as a way to clear Karen’s debt.

In the episode aired on BBC One on Thursday (February 8), Karen shared her theory with Bernie that Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts must be behind Keanu’s disappearance.

Bernie was doubtful of Karen’s theories that Sharon and Phil may have reunited romantically, or perhaps Phil wanted his rival gone once he discovered Keanu wasn’t Albie’s biological father.

“I’m going to ask Linda, Stacey, the whole lot of them what they’re covering for Sharon because I know…. I know they’re hiding something,” Karen vowed.

Karen cornered Stacey in the Square to accuse her of lying, but Stacey insisted she’d already told her everything she knew about Keanu’s ‘disappearance’.

She next charged over to No. 27 to have a word with Denise Fox, but Jack Branning refused to let her in the house.

When Karen suggested Keanu’s disappearance has “Phil Mitchell all over it”, Jack warned her: “Unless you’ve got evidence, I’d be very careful throwing accusations around because you’d get yourself in a lot of trouble.”

Linda Carter barely held it together when Karen turned up at the Vic to question her over whether Sharon and Phil had done something terrible to Keanu.

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