Lucas Johnson EastEnders: who did Lucas kill in EastEnders and why is he in jail?

Lucas Johnson is back on the scene for a new storyline with his ex-wife. Denise, played by Diane Parish, is struggling to come to terms with Keanu’s murder at Christmas and has turned to an unlikely former flame for advice.

Lucas Johnson EastEnders: who did Lucas kill in EastEnders?

Lucas has been an on-and-off character on EastEnders since 2008 and has had some explosive storylines, from drug smuggling, to murder and kidnap. So, who is Lucas Johnson, who did he kill and why is he in prison? Here’s everything you need to know.Lucas Johnson arrived on Albert Square in 2008. He is the ex-husband of Denise Fox and father of Chelsea, whom he abandoned as a baby. Lucas became a criminal and involved in drugs, but following the death of his best friend, Jordan, vowed to turn his life around.

He went on to have a relationship with fellow drug addict Trina; the pair had a son, also named Jordan, and moved to Walford. He came back on the scene in 2008 as a reformed preacher, and Chelsea tracked him down and agreed to give him a second chance. He also rekindled things with Denise, with the pair becoming engaged and seemingly looking towards a bright future. But Lucas had other plans.

Who did Lucas kill on EastEnders?

Lucas has left a long list of victims in his wake. His first murder was Trina. The pair got into a heated argument after Lucas confronted her about a divorce following his engagement to Denise. During the row he pushed her, causing her to fall and be impaled on a rake.

His next victim was Denise’s ex-husband, Owen Turner who suspected foul play over Trina’s death. He confronted Lucas on his wedding day, which proved fatal as Lucas promptly strangled him with a bow tie. He then married Denise and buried Turner’s body in Albert Square.

Number three was Sugar the dog who had witnessed Lucas burying Turner and kept trying to dig it up. Lucas took her on a walk to the canal, she never came back and he claimed she had ran away.

His crimes don’t stop there, as after Turner’s body was found, he finally confessed to Denise he was the murderer, though claimed self-defence. He took Denise hostage, faked her death and then murdered a sex worker to take her place in the coffin and frame her for the murders. Denise was finally able to break free from the basement where she was being held and alert police, resulting in Lucas’ arrest.

Why is Lucas in jail?

Lucas Johnson was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for the murders of Trina, Owen Turner and the sex worker, as well as for imprisoning Denise and attempting to fake her own death and frame her.

However, in 2020 he was released from prison and back on the Square. Desperately trying to prove to everyone he was a changed man, he took the fall for his daughter, Chelsea, and smuggled drugs, leading to his latest arrest and prison sentence.

Lucas and Denise

Who plays Lucas Johnson in EastEnders?

Lucas is played by Don Gilet, who has played the role on and off since 2008. EastEnders fans may also recognise him from Doctor Who, Holby City, Shetland, Netflix hit The Stranger and Death in Paradise.

BBC One viewers were shocked to see Kat jump into bed with Nish Panesar (played by Navin Chowdhry) after calling it quits with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

The owner of Kat’s Cabs recently learned that her other half cheated on her with troublemaker Emma Harding, mere days before their wedding ceremony took place in September, 2023.

Lucas Johnson has made a surprise return to EastEnders amid a new storyline.

The villainous character is back on our screens amid a new storyline with Denise Fox, as she continues to struggle in the wake of Keanu’s murder at Christmas. Keanu was killed by Linda Carter and then buried under the floor of the café but in a big slip up, her ‘D’ necklace dropped in with the body and they concreted above it, sealing her fate as a ‘murderer’ if the body is ever found.

Lucas Johnson on EastEnders

Lucas has been in and out of the BBC soap several times and whilst he was initially a very loving father, he soon turned to drugs and has killed several people during his time on the programme.

Lucas Johnson will be well known to long term fans of EastEnders. Lucas arrived years ago, but things turned dark for him when his friend Jordan died. He ended up having a baby with a fellow drug addict Trina, but when she tried to come to Walford to see her son, he accidentally killed her and hid her body. Denise’s ex-husband Owen was also killed by Lucas, who strangled him with a bow tie and buried him in Albert Square. Two murders wasn’t enough for Lucas and he also killed a girl called Gemma Charleston.

He kept his murders a secret until the guilt ate away at him and he finally revealed to Denise what he had done, before holding her hostage, faking her death and organising a funeral service for her. He was released back in 2020 after finally confessing to his crimes and allowing Denise to escape, but why is he back and what trouble does he bring?

Lucas is played by Don Gilet, who has starred in a number of big shows. Alongside EastEnders, he has also had parts in other soaps including Doctors and Casualty, as well as Baby Father. He has had guest roles in The Bill, Silent Witness and Doctor Who.

He has also more recently starred in Death in Paradise, Midsomer Murders, Sherwood and Shetland amongst others. Don has been back and forth to EastEnders multiple times, holding stints there since 2008 to 2001.

In scenes airing next week, Kat makes a big decision about her marriage with Phil.

It all begins as Kathy Beale’s café reopens on Bridge Street but there are some issues with the venue.

Nish and Kat discover there has been a leak and part of the floor is wet.

Both are completely unaware that the café is Keanu Taylor’s final resting place after he was stabbed to death by Linda Carter.

What will the Five do?

This remains to be seen but, later on, Kat wakes at No.41 and the first red flag in her relationship with Nish appears.

She reluctantly accepts a gifted coat from Nish that is not to her taste.

Kat is then unimpressed when he later chastises her for questioning Priya Nandra-Hart (Sophie Khan Levy) on her work ethic and purposely leaves without the coat to make a point.

Nish catches up with Kat and asks her to wear it before Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) stops her to share some home truths about her new relationship with Nish.

What will she say and could it convince Kat to drop Nish altogether?

Whatever the case may be, Kat soon heads to No.55 to request a meet with Phil.

Will he accept?

Can the pair settle their differences?

And can Phil stop his womanising ways for Kat?

Kat has been relying on Nish for a place to live as he offered her an affordable flat in Albert Square.

Meanwhile, off-screen, many viewers believe he may be using her for a sinister ulterior motive.

Could they be right?

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